Terrific Temperatures

Herons Class from Mrs Ethelston's Primary and Oak Class from St. Andrew's Primary joined together for a really inspirational science morning.  Dr. Usher, from Colyton Grammar School, presented a workshop on 'Terrific Temperatures'.  

The children learnt about changing states, created their own thermometers and froze bananas and blu tac inventing blu tac nails and banana hammers.

Thanks to Dr Usher for inspiring the children and showing everyone how exciting secondary science will be.


Fun at Knapp House

Update - Friday 

Last night's disco was a great end to our final evening. This morning has been the first day where the children have needed to be woken up.
Today we have our final cooked breakfast before heading to the lake for canoes, dragon boats and inflatable rafts. After lunch we will be packing our bags and heading home!

Update - Thursday

A very sunny start to our last full day at Knapp House. The first football match began at 7:30 to build an appetite for another big breakfast. Today's activities involve inflatable ring riding behind speedboats, more climbing, abseiling, tunnelling and a disco after dinner.


Update - Wednesday

After a busy day and a good nights sleep everyone is slowly getting ready for another large breakfast. Today we are crabbing, taking a trip on a speed boat, trying an obstacle course, wire walking and canoe safety training in the pool.  All the children had an amazing day yesterday with everyone having a go at all the activities.

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Mrs E's Big Wheeze

The Mrs E's Big Wheeze is coming around again and this year it will be on Sunday 20th July. We have a 10K, 5K and a fun run. If you would like to enter, please find attached an entry form for this race.

For those of you who would like to do it, but need some encouragement to get into the groove, we have organised some training sessions in the lead up to the big day. These will start the week commencing 19th May. They will be low key runs and you will be able to run at your own pace, with the hope that as we get nearer to the race day we will be running the actual route (apart from those parts on private land).  We will aim to start the run at the time stated. The runs will be:

Wednesday 6:45am meet outside The Dorset House Hotel, Lyme Regis (20 mins)

Thursday 7:30pm meet outside Mrs Ethelston's School (30 - 40 mins)

Please understand that if you take part you do so entirely at your own risk and that it is your responsibility to ensure that you are fit and able to take part in the training runs.  Read & See More »

Mrs E's Big Wheeze

Its that time of year again to start training for Mrs E's Big Wheeze. This year we are offering a 10K, 5K and a fun run on Sunday 20th July 2014. We really hope you join us for our second year. 

 If you have hung up your running trainers and would like to help in other ways, then we are always looking for marshal volunteers, just let me know.  Thank you for supporting us and we look forward to hearing from you. 

Armadillo Visits Early Years

Armadillo Visits Early Years

Throughout the Spring Term the Early Years at St. Andrew's Primary, Chardstock have been learning about animals.  We were treated to a special morning when some animals from the Axe Valley Wildlife Park came to visit us.  Accompanied by their handler, Marie, the children were able to get up close and pet Percy the python, Henrietta the tortoise, Ronnie and Reggie the rats, Merry the ferret and Archie the armadillo.  The children were thoroughly engaged by the visit and it sparked lots of conversation.

Matthew said "The snake sticks his tongue out to smell all the people" and Oliver said "I like stroking the rats.  Their tails were all soft".  The children were especially excited to meet the armadillo.  "He curls up into a ball if he is scared" said Emily.  Isla told us "I held the snake and stroked it.  He was soft and smooth".

Some of the older children drew pictures and had a go at writing the animal names.  A big thank you to Axe Valley Wildlife Park for a great visit and a special well done to all our children for their fantastic behaviour and enthusiasm. Read & See More »

7 Million Words Read

Some of the children from Oak Class at St. Andrew’s Primary Chardstock have reached milestones in their reading.  The children take part in the Accelerated Reader Scheme.  Flo has set a new school record for reading having already read a total of 3 million words this year. She is being closely followed by Indie with 2 million words and Emma and Sara on 1 million words.

"Accelerated Reader are amazed at the amount of words Flo has read, 3.5 million words since September is a fantastic achievement!!"