Aims & Vision

Key principles of operation – vision, ethos and aims

The ethos of the Trust is based on our founding principles of Quality, Partnership, Aspiration and Responsibility.  These principles are at the core of the Trust, firmly embedded in all our academies and embraced by all.


Our vision is: To provide high quality education and deliver the best possible outcomes for young people, enabling every child to reach his or her potential, regardless of background.

The following principles will guide and secure the purpose and goals of the Trust:

  • Every child has the right to the highest quality academic, social, emotional, spiritual and physical education
  • Clear structures are in place to ensure that the voices of all children, staff, parents and carers within the Trust are heard and valued.
  • The trust values and respects each schools distinctive ethos and identity
  • The trust prepares children to contribute positively to society and live fulfilled lives
  • The trust protects projects and develops the Christian character and distinctiveness of the Church of England academies within the trust, in partnership with the Church at parish and diocesan level.

Our Aims:

Children who:

  • are creative, curious and happy independent learners
  • are protected from harm and are given the confidence and support to exceed
  • have the skills and character to be fully prepared for the next stage of their education and life
  • make outstanding progress, regardless of prior attainment or background
  • can access high quality provision at every school within the Trust
  • are thoughtful, caring and active citizens in school and the wider world

    Staff who:

  • are committed to working in partnership with others
  • develop skills through an innovative and creative approach to CPD
  • work hard to achieve the highest expectations for all children
  • are recognised by AMAT for their commitment and expertise
  • consistently demonstrate high staff morale
  • undergo an appraisal process that is challenging and supportive to enable outstanding teaching and leadership

     Academies/Schools that:

  • are judged as outstanding or highly effective by Ofsted, SIAMS, the DFE and other bodies.
  • have the highest quality collaborative leadership,  inspirational teaching and creative learning
  • are the first choice for children, parents and carers
  • have an ethos of openness, welcome and service to all
  • have high quality school buildings and grounds and well-resourced classrooms
  • provide an engaging, inspiring and innovative curriculum
  • are places where all children enjoy going to school 

      A Trust Board that:

  • is forward thinking, delivers steady sustainable growth and continual educational improvements
  • provides courageous and strategic leadership, working with parents, communities and parishes and engaging with the wider educational community
  • is an employer who values the contributions of its employees, empowers them to contribute and offers a rewarding working environment at the leading edge of professional development
  • is recognised nationally for the highest level of expertise, innovation and creativity
  • seeks best value for money in all things, including providing the best learning environment possible
  • protects and nurtures both Church  and community schools’ distinctiveness, ethos  and effectiveness