Administration of Medicine

Parents who wish their children to be given medicine during the school day must complete and sign a form (available from the office), stating the name of the medicine, the time it should be given and the dosage. The medicine must be brought to School by the parent and NOT the child, and can only be administered if it has been prescribed by a doctor.

Inhalers for the treatment of asthma can be administered by the children, with parental permission. These inhalers are kept in the classroom, in a specific known place and there is an emergency inhaler in the office. The school has adopted the Devon County Council policy on asthma.

The School would not wish to take any responsibility for administering medicine where the medication is dangerous, or where timing is vital or where grave consequences would occur if the medicine was not given because of an oversight. Parents will appreciate the seriousness of this matter and that the School has to be very careful. However, you are welcome to call into School to administer such medicine yourself.

Hair Care

Please check your child’s hair thoroughly and regularly for head lice which is still prevalent today. Contrary to common belief, head lice are partial to clean hair! Should you find any infestation, please inform the School. The WHOLE family should be treated with special medication obtainable from the chemist or on prescription, or by regularly using plenty of conditioner and then combing the wet hair thoroughly with a “nit comb” every two or three days. If we find children with live lice, we will telephone parents so that treatment may begin straight away. It is essential that all parents check the hair of the whole family regularly each week as a matter of routine.

Medical Matters

Simple injuries in school are dealt with in the first instance by the school’s first aiders who have the support of the School Health Service so far as advice and training are concerned.

Serious injuries and all head injuries, however minor, are referred to the Headteacher (or a member of the School Leadership Team should the Headteacher not be on the premises). If it is deemed necessary parents will be contacted.

It is therefore of the utmost importance that the school is given the names and telephone numbers of two people who may be contacted in an emergency. We are very fortunate to have a casualty unit at Axminster Medical Practice and in the event of an incident requiring immediate medical assistance children can be taken straight there. However, the medical practice still requires parental consent so ensuring that we have emergency contact numbers is an extremely important precaution.