Our School is bright and airy and gives the children a sense of space. The school building is attractively designed, in well landscaped surroundings and won an award for architecture when it was built in 1960. We have our own very extensive sports field and playgrounds.

Our School, which has a high reputation for so many things, prides itself on having a strong focus on the building of essential learning skills, particularly English and mathematics, and a strong philosophy of making a positive contribution to the world within which we live. At the same time we embrace new approaches to learning that support this skills development. To this end we enjoy the best of new technology and continuously seek to provide quality facilities for the children.

Axminster Community Primary Academy is rather special; you have only to approach the school to see that it is different from others. There is ample evidence outside to show that there is a caring attitude to the environment and even more important is the fact that many people have remarked that this caring attitude is transferred to relationships within the School. We are proud of this fact. Children are at the heart of Axminster Primary Academy and each child is encouraged to achieve the highest standard possible in all aspects of school life.

Our most recent Ofsted report said,

“Pupils contribute well to the school and wider local community. Handling small budgets in their charity fund raising work and links to local business help pupils gain satisfactory insights into their future economic well-being. Pupils throughout the school respond well to the many opportunities to take responsibility. Year 6 pupils, in particular, are fully involved in the life of the school. They told inspectors how much they enjoyed this. Pupils feel safe and secure in school as a result of the good systems for mutual support and good levels of care from all staff. They show a good understanding of what is needed to keep fit and healthy and enjoy the wide range of sports and keep-fit activities provided by the school and partner institutions.”