At the heart
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Welcome to Membury Primary Academy and Pre-School

We are a small school at the heart of our community in rural East Devon where we create close, supportive relationships. We get to know all children individually and have high expectations of behaviour and attainment. Our small class sizes allow us to tailor the learning to meet the needs of each child.

We use our Forest School environment to take learning outside the classroom and inspire children’s learning. We also link with our partner schools to provide enrichment in arts, sport and music.

I hope you find the information on our website useful and informative, and we welcome visits from prospective parents and children. You will be assured of a warm and friendly welcome!

Tracey Leganski

Head of School

Safeguarding Statement

We recognise our moral and statutory responsibility to safeguard and promote the welfare of all pupils. We endeavour to provide a safe and welcoming environment where children are respected and valued. We are alert to the signs of abuse and neglect and follow our procedures to ensure that children receive effective support, protection and justice. The Senior Designated Officer (SDO) is the Senior Teacher Miss Emily Scriven. For a copy of the School’s Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy please click on the policies link under the information tab above.The procedures contained in this policy apply to all staff and governors and are consistent with those of the Devon Safeguarding Children Board (DSCB).

e-safety Statement

At Membury Primary we are committed to the use of computer technologies and recognise the Internet as a valuable tool for learners of all ages. We acknowledge that computers and the internet do have the potential for inappropriate use and access to undesirable material and that we have a duty of care to protect our pupils.

All pupils use computer facilities, including the internet, as an essential part of the curriculum and to support learning opportunities within the school. There are well publicised concerns regarding access to materials on the internet that would be unsuitable for pupils. The school takes reasonable steps to minimise the access to unsuitable material by ensuring supervised usage of the internet alongside a filtered internet service provider which prevents access to specific internet sites.

For more information about e-safety, or any other safeguarding issue, please see the information board by the school office, or use the links below.

Prevent Duty

In July 2015, the Government published advice for Governing bodies, school leaders and school staff. The advice explained what the Prevent Duty means for school and how schools should demonstate compliance with the duty.

The Prevent Duty is part of the school's safeguarding procedures and practices.
The leaflet below has been created on preventing terrorism and radicalisation within our Communities.
Safeguarding Leaflet - Membury.pdf43.33 KB
Safeguarding Policy 2017.pdf348.5 KB

Fizz Pop Science

Fizz Pop Science

Astro Alice from Fizz Pop Science came to visit us on Tuesday, she led an extremely exciting and engaging assembly on bubbles.

The children were involved in making small bubbles, lots of bubbles and huge bubbles with various pieces of equipment.  They learnt why bubbles are always round and never square or triangular - something to do with surface tension and the air in the bubble.

They discovered that you don’t just need fairy liquid to make good bubbles - you can add some heat and chemicals, all of which had the children wanting Astro Alice to stay and do more with them.

One year 2 child was heard saying   'I'm having a heart attack.  This is so exciting, this has to be a dream it’s so amazing.'
The grand finale saw Astro Alice showing the children how to make elephant toothpaste, something I think they will never forget.

All of the children are now wanting to become scientists and many of them have signed up for the after school club which begins on Wednesday 15th October for four sessions.  We will keep you updated with what happens.  Click heading for more photos.

KS2 Bright Sparks at Membury

KS2 Bright Sparks at Membury

We're Bright Sparks at Membury

We have had fun investigating circuits this week and creating our wonder wall of ideas to explore during our Bright Sparks topic. The children wonder who discovered electricity, how you make it and how it gets inside batteries. We will have fun answering these queries and more over the next few weeks. Do you know the answers to these questions? 

Click on the heading for more photos.

Links with St. Andrew's Primary Chardstock

Links with St. Andrew's Primary Chardstock

This term the Key Stage 2 children are contuing their links with St. Andrew's Primary Chardstock by visiting every Friday afternoon.   They are enjoying taking part in art and a new foreign language, German.  This is a good way for the children to experience new subjects whilst at the same time meeting up and making friends with children from Chardstock.  Click on the heading for more photos


2014 Leavers Tea

2014 Leavers Tea

We say goodbye to four of our pupils this year.  For more pictures please click heading

Whole School trip to Crealy

Whole School trip to Crealy

The whole School enjoyed a trip to Crealy.  For more pictures click heading.