School Meals at Mrs Ethelston's

Hot school meals are now being served at Mrs Ethelston's and are being enjoyed by all as you can see by the smiles!

We have a 3 menus which are rotated through the term from Complete Meats roast dinners to jacket potatoes.

The hot meals are being enjoyed by lots of our children filling them up ready for an afternoon of learning! Please click on the photos for more images of the children enjoying their meals and using our brand new servery. 

Visit to Woodroffe School

On Thursday Mrs Davies organised for everyone from Reception through to Year 6 to go on a visit to Woodroffe School for Science Week.

 Whilst we were there we spent time in one of the science laboratories helping to design a new polymer. In the afternoon we saw a falconry display and looked at the science behind the hunting styles of the different birds. The highlight was seeing a 1m high White Tailed Sea Eagle, the same size as some of the children!


Starting Science Week with a Bang

Science week was started with a bang on Monday 18th March at St. Andrew's Primary Chardstock as the children witnessed a demonstration on the school field.  The children found out exactly what happens when you add mento sweets to lemonade and coke bottles.  The whole school will be taking part in science experiments all week as part of science week.

Spring Lamb

The children at St. Andrew's Primary Chardstock were surprised this week when a lamb came to visit them in school.  The four week old lamb belongs to one of the pupils in the school.  To the delight of the children the lamb was not put off by so many children looking at it. (Click the title for more pictures)

Home Sweet Home

On Thursday 14th March, Dr Usher, from Woodroffe School and her sixth form student, Grace visited St. Andrew's Primary. While she was here, she gave us a deeper understanding of animal's habitats. To extend our learning, we thought about why animals lived in certain habitats and how this impacted their behaviour.   In the classroom, we worked in small groups to group animals, initially using our own criteria, moving onto thinking about their scientific classifications. We used a branching key to classify clown fish.  To get a really 'hands on' experience we went onto the school field to hunt for bugs. While looking on different surfaces we found a variety of 'creepy crawlies' and we will be adding this data to the Bugs Count Survey which maps the locations of bugs around the country. We were also focusing on finding the Bugs Count Species Quest as these are particularly rare.

Cute Animals visit St. Andrew's

The Easter Bunny came early at St. Andrew's Primary as a family of baby rabbits made a visit to the school.  They were brought in by Mrs Speers a Teaching Assistant at the school who took them around to visit each class.  The children enjoyed giving them a cuddle and I think several would have liked to take them home.

The children in Years 2, 3 and 4 wrote about the visit of the rabbits - click on the heading to read their reports.