Acorn Multi Academy Trust provides a core set of policies across the Trust.   Individual governing bodies focus their time and energy on the priorities of teaching and learning.  Key Trust policies such as: Health & Safety, Behaviour, Safeguarding & Child Protection, Pay, Performance Management, Special Educational Needs, Charging and Complaints ensure that our academies meet all statutory requirements.  

Beyond these key policies the governing body of each school is responsible for its own individual policies to ensure each school has its own individual character and represents the priorities of its community. Admissions policies are all available on the individual Academy website pages. 


Freedom of Information Act

Acorn Multi Academy Trust is a “public authority” as defined by the Freedom of Information Act, and has adopted the model Freedom of Information Publication Scheme as required by the Information Commissioner. Details of the Scheme can be found here.

Model Publication Scheme


Acceptable Use and E Safety Policy189.58 KB
Anti-Bullying Policy 2017.pdf142.52 KB
Anti-Racism Policy 2017.pdf269.44 KB
Charging and Remissions Policy 2017.pdf270.36 KB
Complaints Policy 2018.pdf334.08 KB
Confidentiality Policy.pdf156.04 KB
Cyberbullying Policy 2017.pdf85.43 KB
Data Protection Policy 201678.08 KB
DBS check disclosure policy621.23 KB
Debt Recovery Policy 201653.99 KB
Equality Policy & Objectives - Acorn Multi Academy Trust.pdf500.56 KB
Freedom of Information.pdf79.91 KB
Acorn Multi Academy Trust Health & Safety Policy 119.52 KB
Homework Policy 2017.pdf97.46 KB
PSHE Policy 2017.pdf236.56 KB
Sex Education Policy.pdf163.08 KB
Supporting Pupils with Medical Conditions Policy 386.92 KB
Whistleblowing Policy64.7 KB