As a fully inclusive school, we promote equality and encourage all children to achieve their full potential. We are proud of the relationships we develop with each individual child that enable us to identify and address any needs as soon as they arise. We offer extra support for children with special educational needs and enrichment and challenge for those children who are gifted and talented.

Different levels of support can be provided depending on the needs of the child. Most children will normally be catered for through the usual differentiation of the class work provided by the teacher. However, some children may have a more particular difficulty that would need to be addressed through a specific intervention programme.

If the learning difficulty is more general, then the class teacher will plan a personalised programme of work for the child that may involve extra adult support. This will be discussed with parents and reviewed regularly through an Individual Plan. If we feel unable to provide adequately for the specific needs of the child, then we may involve other agencies for specific support e.g. speech therapy, educational psychology, behaviour support.

If parents have any concerns, questions or information about their child, then it is vital this information is shared with school staff. We aim to work in close partnership with parents to ensure we meet the needs of all children.

SEN Information Report

St Andrew’s CE Primary Academy SEN Information Report explains what provision the school makes for a child who’s educational or physical needs are additional to and different from their peers. If you have any further questions please contact our SENCO -Cara Gilmour-White 01460 220534.

St. Andrew's CE Primary SEN Information Report October 2016

Further information is available from Devon County Council Special Needs information website at

This site provides detailed information about Devon’s Local Offer and has links to information and resources that will help you and your family access the services and support most appropriate for your needs.