Trust Staff

Trust Staff




Executive Head and Chief Executive Officer

  • Mrs Andrea Rice

The CEO has overall responsibility for the schools within the Trust. She sets the strategic direction for the Trust as well as leading the Trust Development Plan. She is well supported by the Heads of School who are responsible for the day to day running of their own school.

Mrs Rice is also the Executive Head with previous experience of single Headship and also previously as Executive Head of Acorn Federation. She is a National Leader of Education and Mrs Ethelston’s Primary Academy is a National Support School, and has successfully supported other Primary and Nursery schools.

Senior Leadership Team

The Senior Leadership Team meet regularly to share best practice across all the Academies in the Trust. 

  • Mrs Andrea Rice - Executive Head and Chief Executive Officer
  • Mr Ross Minton - Head of Axminster Community Primary Academy
  • Mr Luke Owen - Head of Marshwood CE Primary Academy
  • Ms Michaela Kite - Head of Mrs Ethelston's CE Primary Academy
  • Ms Tracey Leganski - Head of St. Andrew's CE Primary Academy
  • Ms Tracey Leganski - Head of Membury Primary Academy
  • Mr Peter Beare -  Head of Loders CE Primary Academy

Central Hub Administration

The central hub administer the finances, personnel and premises of all the Academies, ensuring best value is obtained and freeing up Heads from administrative tasks to concentrate on the Teaching and Learning within their individual Academies.

  • Mrs Cindy Porter - Senior Finance Officer
  • Mrs Mandy Slingsby - Senior Administrator and PA to Executive Head
  • Miss Jo Turner - Finance Officer
  • Mrs Lorraine Tolman - Premises, Health and Safety and Administration
  • Mrs Dee Davies - Personnel Officer
  • Mrs Nicola Harding - Finance Assistant
  • Mrs Veronica Dower - Company Secretary